Demo 2001

by Are You God?

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The first demo, released as a CD-R in a cover handmade out of recicled paper. Over one thousand copies were made and given away for free. Early on there was a super limited run of cassetes as well, probably under 50 copies.


released October 5, 2001

Vocals: Joao Fabio
Guitars: Joao Fabio and Fabio Ricardo
Bass: Bernardo Pacheco
Drums: Carlos Renato

Recorded and mixed by Ciero at Estudio da Tribo in 2001.



all rights reserved


Are You God? São Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: My Heroes
I decide to write
to my masters on the wall
My life is so empty
And now I will learn how to manipulate human souls

Increase my isolation
To feed my self-creation
Down in the pit, get the beast on a hook
Can I save myself?

Famous for their kills
Stories for my kids
Reply - I win
Good, the path is clean

Now it's time to prove my beliefs
Face to face with killers
Seduction, thats the test
A taste of one's last breath [x2]

Poisoning and suffocation
Mutilation, no control
Violation of existence
But I'm the smartest of them all

Light, what I seek, look at me
Hear my questions, tell me
The smell of death, the feel -
Im longing for the feel [x4]

Take me

Near the time of uncreation
Saved by a prison guard
A little taste of non-existence
But this was not a game for him

Blood in his eyes
The beast inside

This is not over, my search for a window
To another world
Die to find
What's beyond life
Then come back for more
Track Name: Deep Rise
You've got to boost your mind
Just don't leave behind
Your right to freedom
- seek all the answers

Don't throw away
Your biggest chance
To find a life to live

Studying ways to comprehend
Try to understand the human matter
Try to understand -
Try to understand the understood

Dedication made your head a cold thinking machine
Medications are the law
You're born just to win
To win the race to be the model doctor
The modern doctor
The fancy doctor

Your illusions fade away
When you make an error [x4]

Throwing away your only chance
You thought that you knew
Crippled man, sad remains
God will not help you
No friend but yourself
You'll pay for that
Prepare for the real test

Throwing away your only chance
You thought that you knew
Crippled man, sad remains
You'll pay for that
Prepare for the real test
God will not help you
No friend but yourself

Compassion dies
Lords of opression
In jail you'll die
Your knowledge won't help you now

This is what you are
Bad dreams
Nightmares, mental scars
The weight of justice will crush you
And smash your middling good intentions
Track Name: The Ticket
Telephone ringing at your home again
Give them
your donation
You do
the best you can

These motherfuckers
Get you in their game, playing with your prayers
Religion is a gun
Kill'em all

Behind sweet talks one sacred farce
Peace for the world for your money to bring
My friend you're a loser

Many ways to be a good man
Helping the poor to find a good life
Rich life
for the fake

This, the path to your salvation
When will you finally understand?
What a reason for donations!

Guilt you feel for exploitation
Damage your checkbook has to repair

Maybe you should take the pain
Pay the price
Or ask yourself the worth of your bought prayers

Heaven for a price

Mansions and limousines
Jets and filthy yatchs
Your guilt -
maintained to keep them fat

Dig deep
Your pocket has no end
They drop their pants and you will bend

Your home
Your car
Sell your kids and you'll go far

Your life
A hole
What's gone now returns above

Abandon all reason
Freeze your flesh and blood
And then when you're in heaven
you will sadly realize

Abandon all reason
Freeze your flesh and blood
You will sadly realize
There's no return