O EP Espelho de Carne (2002)

by Are You God?

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Released in late 2002 by 2+2=5 Records in CD format. A thousand were made, it sold out in about nine months and was never pressed again.


released December 5, 2002

Vocals: Seu João
Guitars: Seu João and Fabio Ricardo
Bass: Bernardo Pacheco
Drums: Carlos Renato

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Massaaki Kurokawa
Technician [Pro Tools] – Alexandre Menossi
Technician [Trigger Assistance] – Capitão Sussu



all rights reserved


Are You God? São Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: Sentimentos (Help Yourself)
When your life is nothing
Death says who you are
In shadows for a reason

When your life means nothing
Death says who you are
Feed the pain face down

Step out of that pace
One more day - lose another day
Restless in your decline
Blame them all

No way - you need your death
No way - you don't live, you're dead

Fuck them all

Step out of that pace
One more day - lose another day
No one but you decides
Blame them all

No way - you need your death
No way - you live death

Fuck them all

Now, fear is your damnation, drowning you in sorrow
Safety cripples all your actions
Despite your pitiful delusions, your absence of power
Comes from a coward soul

Your past is dead

Slave of life - kill all your ambitions
Slave of life - or make your own decisions

The fault - hell inside of me
The fault - is hell I bring on me
Track Name: Carandiru No Seu Cu (Release)
I survive
As this prison explodes, blood dripping from my face
And i survive
No one was saved, not a human soul
It was such a beautiful butchery
But i remain

Me in my naivety
Didn't realize that i was special
They were protecting me
For the ultimate terror

I'm a dirty murderer
I'm a fucking ravisher
I'm a filthy murderer
And now i have been saved for sicker goals

These executions turn me on
Please let me in
I crave it so

One more man slaughtered
One more and then it's my time
To pay for all that this life sentence won't begin to cover
One more man slaughtered
One more and then it's my time
I felt the moment coming
No remorse - i will die

Justice system
Not enough
Execute me now
No compassion

Now the rebellion settled down
No more redemption to be found
Not a free man
Just illusions
Track Name: A Hora Da Zona Morta (Full Circle)
Random faith on nursery - rock on, refresh our times
Reformed bulls will fuck into infinity - rock on, rock fine
Baby newborn, beauty hidden - rotting freedom for a spine
New sweet fury, makes pig fry

Look at this species of darkness
Painted on walls made of kids
Lost deep inside this illusion
What if your guide is this bee?

Shameful distraction, cream your beds under the candlelight

For that you'll roll, freaking out in time
For that you roll, freaking out - time

Ten good years, a child builds reason fucking them all in their prime
Falling apart right before this last season, no synonym other than slime

Will be a welcome redemption - frogs in jail for crime
Now you are a farting weasel, it might awake your pride
Some weird, tall and talking tree, it said you shall eat lard
Sit, wait, talk to my compass, listen: you're fat.

Ringing mike, a singing rebellion, will you dance to the sight of me
Well I can sing for the life of billions, I can sing

Burn out syndrome, last expulsion - die - who will you, will you fuck?
Probably my father time
We're en garde, too afraid to let the sultan fly - en garde, on time
We're en garde cause we're fucking Jedi!
Track Name: Plano Furado III (Le Bal Masqué)

Debutantes will play this part - will wear this mortal shell
Call to act - fresh minds from hell
Weapons will spill their blood - my joy, their wasted blood

Taken away

My play
Their death

Taken away

Dressed as thieves, hunt for money
Take a bank, deaths, panic, screams
Suddenly the cops start to appear
Sacrificial goats meet their end
More deaths, mistakes, no second plan
Nowhere to turn
Running away

Their blood spilled
Pathetically, they run away
Their blood spilled
Run to die

Their blood spilled
Run deeper into the bank
Their blood spilled
When they die
Throw them away

Hid inside an empty safe
Bleeding wounds, they start making their prayers
Agony, they don't have much time
The smell of gas takes the air
The floor is filled with their blood and guts
They're begging you: "please kill me now"

Denied by god ages away
The dark side takes me
I create despair, for fun i kill
You watch my show (x2)

Come watch my show